You need to understand, we are not in the business of pulling people’s legs here at J.Z. Star Flooring; we want you to feel as comfortable with us as if you were our house guest. That means we will always shoot straight and be honest with you. We take pride in that. So, you can be assured that if we say that a floor is waterproof, that is exactly what we mean. These are like ponchos for your floor, no water is getting in — period.

Wow, waterproof? Can I use them outside?

For most of the waterproof floors, yes, you can. One of the benefits of being down here in Fort Lauderdale is that our winters are pretty mild and we don’t run much chance of having a freeze. That means that lots of these floors, like ceramics and porcelains, are equally adapted to use outside as well as inside. And we are experts in weatherproof flooring.

So, what makes a floor waterproof?

The simple answer is that water is not absorbed into the materials and water does no damage to the material itself or the structural integrity of the floor. You can spill water on it. You can dump water on it. You can host the regional squirt gun championships on it and the floor will not be harmed. It is that simple and straight forward. Waterproof means exactly what you might think it means…no worries.

So, what are examples of waterproof floors?

Luxury vinyl flooring is made to look like hardwood, stone, and tile floors, but is completely waterproof. Ceramic and porcelain tile floors, too, are considered waterproof floors. Some laminate floors also can be included in this category, though most are more properly referred to as a type of water-resistant flooring.

There are a million reasons to come down to Fort Lauderdale, Fl, and when you do, make a point of coming by our showroom. We’d love to show you what your options are in waterproof flooring and walk with you through the process of determining what is best for you and your home. Our customers come from all over the area, places like Parkland, Plantation, Wilton Manors, and Oakland Park, and they do so because we give superb service coupled with an exemplary product. Let us become your waterproof flooring retailer as well.