If you need waterproof flooring, there are some things you should know right from the start that will help determine your precise needs. This floor covering isn’t just for spaces that are prone to water damage, although that's an excellent placement. They work well throughout your entire home.

Depending on the material you choose, you can expect a wide variety of benefits including excellent durability, beautiful appearance options, and extensive lifespans. Choose from materials like porcelain tile, a variety of stone types, or luxury vinyl planks and tiles for the greatest options in everything you need.

All the important things about waterproof flooring

If you’ve ever had a flooring emergency involving water, then you know how much waterproof flooring could be worth to you. Not only can leaks, spills, and other water problems result in the need to replace entire rooms of flooring, it can also cause extensive damage to subfloors. So, this flooring is a kind of insurance against those catastrophes happening.

Durability is a common thread in these materials, even though the amount varies from product to product. Any waterproof flooring can stand up to extremely busy households and resists stains, scuffs, scratches, and especially water damage. Many materials even inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, leaving you with a much cleaner and hygienic space as well.

Lifespans in this flooring line range from about 30 years with luxury vinyl flooring products to roughly 50 to 100 years for porcelain and stone, respectively. Be sure to discuss your specific needs with your flooring professional when you visit us.

For waterproof flooring, we can help

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