Rain and storms aren't the only things that can damage your home. This is exactly why you need waterproof flooring.

What is this flooring?

It's another version of luxury vinyl (LVF). It can come with different cores: the traditional vinyl composite; WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite).

While all are waterproof, the different cores offer various levels of waterproof and moisture protection, as well as different thicknesses of the vinyl.

LVF is a realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone at a budget-friendly cost. Features like embossing give it various textured appearances, and it's available in matte or gloss finishes.

The flooring provides a stylish, high-end look that is appropriate for any room in the house, making it possible to waterproof anywhere in the house. Visit a waterproof flooring retailer in your neighborhood and find out more.

Some things that create the need to waterproof

  • Air conditioning. In a hot and sunny climate like Florida, air conditioning is a given. While most don't think of it, that wonderful invention can make your ceiling drip. Without getting too "Mr. Science" on you, it uses condensation to pull water out of the home and into the outdoor environment.

When the trays that perform that function get blocked, water has no place to go but your ceiling and, as a result, down to your flooring.

  • Toilets. That constant running is a lot more than a nuisance. It can result in dripping.
  • Chimneys. This is especially important to keep in mind for Florida, where tropical storms and hurricane-like wind forces are not uncommon. If a storm comes at just the right angle, the chimney flashing crumbles and leaks will occur.
  • Pipes. Banging or whistling pipes when you turn on the water can mean that a pipe joint is loose, and a leak can be imminent.

Also, know that plumbing systems are comprised, in a systemic manner, of a series of connectors and joints. If obstructed, it can cause connectors to backup and eventually leak--in another room.

  • Appliances. When dishwasher seals are broken, or when washing machine hoses become corroded, gallons of water can be pumped into your home. Again, if the flooring is waterproof, it can absorb it.

For more information, visit the best waterproof flooring store at the J.Z. Star showroom in Oakland Park, FL., and be sure to ask about our free estimates.