Bathrooms are often challenging rooms in the home to floor, but the task isn't nearly as monumental with waterproof floors. While various floor coverings can be considered "waterproof," some materials are better suited for this space than others.

Waterproof floors have so much to offer

For bathrooms, you'll need a floor covering that provides complete waterproof protection. These spaces can be damp, humid, and experience frequent temperature changes, which can be hard on many flooring types.

This space's best option is luxury vinyl flooring, which comes in both tile and plank varieties for both wood and stone appearances. But it's the core material that provides the protection you're looking for in a bathroom floor covering.

Waterproof cores consist of wood plastic composite, known as WPC, or stone plastic composite, known as SPC. A 100% vinyl core option is also available for complete peace of mind against water damage of any kind.

These core materials not only withstand spills, splashes, dampness, and more. They can also withstand floor conditions, even with standing water.

Once the pieces are cleaned and dried, they can be reinstalled to provide even more life for these challenging areas. If you're still unsure and need more information about this great material, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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