Waterproof flooring means something is completely impervious to water.  No liquid can ever penetrate.  Water-resistant flooring means that although there's not much chance, the liquid can still soak through. When it comes to a high moisture room like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area, waterproof is usually the flooring-of-choice.

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What are some waterproof floors?

  • Tile.  It comes in an almost unlimited number of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.  Tiles can be made to look like anything, including wood.  If you want a wood look in your kitchen or bath where genuine timber can be damaged by excess water and moisture, this could be an option for you.
  • ● Luxury vinyl.  This is so stylish it can be installed in any room in the house.  We're also seeing it in some high-end homes.  This is a realistic mimic of wood, tile, or stone, so it's not only a good wood-look alternative, but it's also highly affordable. Standard sheet vinyl is also waterproof, but luxury vinyl is a newer, more advanced version that's thicker and gives even more waterproof protection.
  • Waterproof floors.  This is a more advanced version of luxury vinyl.  You get all the style, but it comes with technologically advanced cores that never, ever peel or ripple, no matter how long they are submerged in water.

Is laminate waterproof or water-resistant?

The answer is…. both.  New to the market are laminate products created with proprietary designs that keep water from seeping into the material. This eliminates the problem of staining, swelling, or buckling.

Laminate is layered and usually created from wood products, such as pressed wood.  It is water-resistant, but the flooring becomes almost waterproof when installed correctly.  Professional installers will ensure that the boards are so tight there’s no room for water to escape, and they use joint expansions and caulking when necessary.

Engineered hardwood is more stable and better able to handle water, but should not be installed in full bathrooms.

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